We are Focused Air Advising

Focused Air Advising’s priority has always been to provide effective and efficient services for the two largest areas of aviation; repair stations and distributors. Through years of experience and feedback, Focused Air Advising has minimized costs and set a high standard for efficient Quality methods and services, of which is respected and enforced by all of our workforce, as well as forming close relations with our clients and their workforce in order to properly create and maintain those methods.

Here’s what we have to offer:

Quality Services Offered

  • An overview, revisions, and maintenance of our client’s Quality System and documents including RSM, QCM, QAM, TPM, FM, EASA Supplement, and all required training as needed.
  • All FAA required forms, Op Spec changes, adding/removing of ratings, repairman certificates, ASA certification, EASA certification and continuation forms. Also, we upkeep training documents, capabilities list, and equivalencies.
  • Performing Product audits, Internal audits, and EASA audits. Preparation for FAA audits, C.A.S.E. audits, and ASA audits. We assist with regulatory and customer audits as well.
  • All required training, including Human Factors, Company Manuals, Personal Protective Equipment, and Safety Data Sheets.
  • Certification and pre-certification assistance such as pre-application, formal application, pre-audits, CAR Compliance, etc.
  • For companies looking to start a repair station, we offer all necessary documentation and processes in order to get FAA/EASA-Certified.

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